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ground + nourish

April 29, 2018

10 am - 1 pm

Due to popular demand, the lovely Linda Wild will be taking us on a grounding journey through QiGong!

We're so thrilled to have her join us for a 45 minute Qigong class followed by a sound bath and nourishing plant-based brunch.

It's going to be a delicous morning and we hope you can join in on all the nourishing goodness.

Space is super limited, so snag your tickets up before they're gone.

Nourished By Nature: Nutritional farm tour & summer harvest dinner

August 23, 2017

6-9 pm

There's something special about eating food that has just been picked; it looks so bright and tastes a delight! come join Heather and I who have paired up with Kat of Lady Gaia ( to host another nutritional farm tour and summer dinner.

Grab a ticket and enjoy a night of learning, laughing and eating. We will be sharing some knowledge on over a dozen vegetables, herbs and medicinal crops... answering any questions and feeding your bellies with scrumptious fresh and local food. Grab your ticket below and bring a friend! We are so looking forward to meeting you and savoring these summer moments.

Open House: Tea + Crafts

May 13, 2017 

1-4 pm

We wanna hang! Join us for a complimentary afternoon of tea, crafts (and most likely a few laughs). Come check out what we've been up to and learn more about our upcoming events. Our goal is to help people learn, grow and connect to a life living by nature. We host rad events like DIY body care, fermentation 101, urban gardening and so much more. This event is come & go so drop in for a quick minute or stick around all afternoon, we'd love to have you. RSVP to save your teacup.

Yoga & Ayurvedic Dinner

March 19, 2017

What better way to spend a Sunday evening than with a good yoga flow and delicious eats? Join us for a Hatha yoga class put on by the lovely Amy from Back to the Ground Yoga. After flowing through an hour-long session with Amy, we will be sharing in a Vegetarian Dinner based on the principles of Ayurvedic medicine and discuss the benefits of this ancient holistic healing system. Looking forward to good times and high vibes.


*Space is extremely limited in order to keep this event intimate. 

BYO: Yoga Mat

Provided: Awesome Vibes!

The Life of Spice

February, 26 2017

Join us as we take you on a culinary journey through the diverse life of spices from around the world. The food choices we make on a daily basis not only impact our health but also the health of the planet so we've teamed up with two of Toronto's loveliest food sustainability experts to discuss how spices are grown, sourced and used in cuisines all around the world.
Dinner will feature 6-courses, each featuring a different spice from around the globe.

Cardamom, zataar, sumac, cumin and so many other bright flavours await!

Body ByNature

more dates coming soon!

For those looking to ditch the funky stuff from your beauty care routine, this one’s for you. During this 3 hour workshop, you will learn:


  • How to craft your own

    • Decadent cacao body butter

    • Tonifying body mists

    • Exfoliating body scrub


You will leave with:

  • Full sized jars of each product

  • DIY Guide containing:

    • The 12 common chemicals you need to ditch from you products

    • Aromatherapy for the chakras

    • Benefits of different essential oils

    • Body care product recipes & more


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Planting Seeds: a ritual to start your urban garden

April 9, 2017

Gardening can be a therapeutic and restorative practice to connect us more deeply to the wisdom of nature, the depth of our being and community. In this workshop, Kat of Lady Gaia ( will begin with a mindful seed+intention planting ritual, followed by gentle movement and a guided meditation to draw your attention inward to the earth and your body. She’ll offer key information so you can start your own in-ground or container garden. Organic potting soil, seed container and a variety of non-gmo seeds will be provided.

Everything that grows - a plant, a person, a vision, a project - starts off as a tiny seed.


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